cute facts about niall horan 

Niall is obsessed with Barack Obama. He knows everything about him

Niall’s natural hair colour is dirty brown. He dies it blonde.

His favourite colour is blue.

He is left handed.

Nail finds it cute when a girl sneezes

In LA, Harry walked into a glass door and Niall laughed at him for ages. Then he walked into it himself.

If Niall loses his way in a sentence he’ll say “Ohhh, cheeseburger jelly baby!”

Before they settled on the band name One Direction, Niall suggested they be called Niall and the potatoes.

Niall loves horror movies. If he had a girlfriend, he’d want to snuggle up to her just in case she got scared.

He bought his mother a car using the money he has earned.

The boys don’t really care what a girl looks like because her personality is more important to them.

Niall misses having a girlfriend because he misses always having someone to talk to.

Niall says that if his girlfriend turned out to be a 1D fan he would sing songs to her all the time.

He’d take his phone, suncream, and camera to a desert island.

Niall likes shy girls.

Niall likes it when girls can put on different accents and speak more than one language.

Niall speaks fluent Spanish.

Niall’s favorite shoes are Supra.

Niall dislocated his knee whilst surfing.

Niall’s favorite song on the album is One Thing.

Niall wanted to be able to play ice-hockey when he was younger because Justin Bieber played it.

He takes at least two pairs of shoes with him always whilst traveling.

Niall’s favorite piece of clothing is his “Free Hugs” t-shirt.

Niall hasn’t done more for a girl than give her flowers. He’s waiting for the right one to come along.

Niall’s seat in the 1D Mobile has a leprechaun hanging above it.

He says his girlfriend would look most beautiful when she had no makeup on at all.

When Louis is bored, he prank calls Niall.

He went to an all boys school, so he doesn’t really know how to act around girls.

Zayn and Niall have both felt at times that they don’t belong in the band.

Niall refuses to sleep unless Harry sings to him.

Niall is really self conscious about his teeth.

Niall avoids speaking in interviews a lot, as he tends to swear too much and gets all of them in trouble.

Niall cried on his first day of school when his mum dropped him off.

You usually hear Niall before you see him.

Whenever a fan asks Niall to marry them, he says yes.

Niall has a man crush on Michael Buble

His celebrity crush is Cheryl Cole

Niall’s favourite aftershave is Armani Mania

He loves to fart (the boys say he farts in his sleep)

He has blue eyes.

He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him.

He sings in the shower, loudly.

Horan means “the whore” in Swedish

Niall wants a girlfriend who eats just as much as him, which is a lot. Niall:"If i got a girlfriend I’d feed her playfully all the time"

Niall believes in not having sex before marriage.

He is a Belieber.

He loves giraffes.

Niall thinks that rabbits are pointless.

His favourite movie is Grease.

Even though Niall doesn’t like Disney films he’d still do the “spaghetti kiss” from Lady and the Tramp.

Niall thinks the best thing about being a guy is you get to chase all the girls.

Whenever Niall sees someone cry, he cries too.

"Age is just a number, who cares how old the girl I date is?"

When Niall has a girlfriend, he loves playing with her hair.

i ❤ niall horan

this blog is dedicated to a sexy band called Niall and the Potatoes.

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